Hello, my name is
Peter Pilgrim.
I develop enterprise Java and Polyglot software solutions for the blue-chip clients and private sector.

Software Development

Software Design

Digital Transformation

Software engineering for successful ecommerce clients and brands

My name is Peter Pilgrim. I’m a well-known software developer, independent consultant, speaker, and writer on software engineering and digital architecture. For 25 years, I’ve helped all sort of companies, from big boom enterprise bank to re-start up improve their software engineering applications and platform by providing engineering expertise. My work is distinctive and original and I deliver engaging customer experiences and world-class designs.

I’m based in beautiful Buckinghamshire and work with businesses in Milton Keynes. I commute to Central London. I even had one client in Birmingham. I regularly work alongside designers, developers, and leadership teams to create designs, processes, and systems which deliver results. I contract with trusted blue-chip commerce and early adopters on building the next generation of software services for the web, design systems and cloud applications. I also speak at technical conferences and I have written a couple of books on Enterprise Java. My client have applications written in Java, Kotlin and Scala. Recent client's have had needs that go beyond the JVM ecosystem. I have help one such client build Go Lang integration for their emerging cloud infrastructure.

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Why We Pair?

With a lot of thanks from Devoxx 2019 Belgium, this is quick talk on pair-development. Why do we pair? Enjoy this one from me and them.