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Java EE 7 Developer Handbook

My name is Peter A. Pilgrim and this is the title of my first technical book published by Packt Publishing (September 2013).

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I am a professional software developer and designer who has been developing enterprise application in Java since 1998. So I have seen my share of EJB, Hibernate, Spring Framework code bases in over 14 years of investment bank experience, working in the financial sector. I recently branched out beyond the "big banks" to help improve Blue-chip businesses with my considerable hard-fought application experiences.

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This book was published 28th September 2013 Available from Packt Publishing directly and from Amazon UK and Amazon USA; and Barnes and Nobles.


Introduction to Java EE 7 Developer Handbook from Peter Pilgrim on Vimeo.

CON4279 Test Driven Development with Java EE 7, Arquillian and Embedded GlassFish v2.0 from Peter Pilgrim on Vimeo.


"Even better is that such a comprehensive guide book appeared only few months after the Java EE 7 release date."
By Sergiy Pylypets

"This is not just a reference guide or handbook, it beautifully covers both the theory & hands-on aspects. "
By Chhayakanta Padhi

"Java EE 7 Developer Handbook is a really good book to start with Java EE 7 but also with Java EE 6"
By Alex Soto

The book is perfect for getting an overview about many new Java EE 7 features. If you already have experience with Java EE, then this book is for you!
By Kai Wahner

I especially enjoyed reading the book because of it having very balanced views on several topics.
By Wieroo

Java EE 7 Developer Handbook - very interesting
By Seb Rose